Looking To understand what really happens on your site? Blue Sky Trail is a complete system to monitor Your staff movements and activity

Welcome to Blue Sky Trail

Blue Sky Trail is a unique tool to help you understand and manage your workforce and their activities. We can leverage existing technologies or help introduce a complete overhaul of your existing systems to provide a powerful and reliable insight into your workforce productivity and actions. With the electronic Daily Occurrence book (EDOB or even EDOR) we can record each and every incident as it happens, as a result we can ensure that no vital information is missed and that relevant records such as the who, where and what of the event is captured. Photographs can also be captured for storage and evidence to ensure you have the most accurate record possible.
We understand that this information is vital for both evidential and reporting purposes. We are able to provide in depth analysis of your site and define “hot Spots” with our unique heatmap reports.

Patrol and Workforce Movement

Using several different technologies we can offer live location tracking on your site, even indoors or underground, of your staff. See how we can help defend against insurance claims and evidence agreed SLA's


An Electronic Daily Occurance Book Or EBOB is an essential record of your site, its events and can, in its paper form be difficult to oversee. See how our EDOB can help improve your operation and improve vital record keeping.

Reporting and Managment data

Reporting is simplified with access to site, client or whole oraganisation level. The files full of A4 sheets that nobody ever looks are no longer needed so Data becomes useful and easy to access.

See how in just 20 minutes we can help you better understand your staff activity.

Why Blue Sky?

Blue Sky Trail is part of the Connect Security Solutions range of products. Founded in 2004 we have seen it all. This longevity in the industry has given us a unique insight into what is potent and useful and possibly more importantly what is irrelevant. Through our years of experience, we have been able to demonstrate savings in successfully defended insurance claims. We have been able to utilise the best option for hardware and software and offer more than one option, in other words, we’re not a one trick pony.
With over 1800 clients from small and medium to large multinational businesses we can demonstrate a proven track record of client success and confidence.

£ 850K

Insurance Payments saved


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Events Stored


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