Activity Logging

Or Electronic Daily Occurance Book

There are so many different names for this module. Daily occurrence book, Daily occurrence record, Incident log or just a plain old Activity log.  With our Software, you can automate and record all events and incidents meaning you never miss or lose any vital information.  Moreover you use the recorded data to improve management information possibly leading to cost savings and improved performance.

Record Incidents as they happen
Use the App or a PC in the control room
Relevent incident prompts
Cloud based
User assignable
Automatic Date/Time stamp
Optional Handfree locations
Advanced Managment reporting
Email or SMS on Exception
Unlimited Training
Fanatical Technical support


When an Incident happens you can call up and store the relevent information as it happens, not scribbled in a notebook. Auto Date and Time stamping along with location and User help ensure a complete record.

Live events

Incidents can be raised by either the App, or via the cloud portal in the control room. This means that an incident can be raised by the mobile staff or a control room operator. Each entry is date and time stamped and has a unique ID.


Each Incident type can have its own predetermined script to ensure the user doesn’t miss any vital piece of information delivered at the precisely right time, this is very useful, especially in high stress or emergency situations.

Cloud Based

Our system is cloud based. This means that it can be accessed by users from local or remote locations. It also means there is no requirement for local IT teams needed as there is no software installation required and the App is via play store.


Using our unique handsfree tracking development, we can track staff throughout a site without the need for scanning or ``traditional`` tokens such as NFC or QR Codes. We can track users even in the most hidden of places.


All of our products come with unlimited one to one training with one of our award winning team. This means that you will always get the most from your investment and we can ensure “we forgot how to” is never an excuse.