Features and how it works.

The system is primarily made of 2 halves. Firstly, the patrol tool. This is achieved by using either an NFC or QR code tag. There is also the option of our unique hands-free operation where locations, even indoors can be read by the app without even having to remove the phone from your pocket. The second option is the Incident, Event reporting tool also known as Activity Logging. It can be used for either scheduled or ad hoc reporting as needed. Click below for further details.

How it Works


Initial Setup

We initially set the system up with the site details, the operators or guards information, the locations and possible events including action lists and prompts.


Mobile App user

The site staff conduct their duties whilst recording locations either manually or automatically and record any incidents as they happen. Incident prompting ensures no details are missed


Control Room

The Control receive the incident reports and take any action as needed including escalation if needed. The User input can be viewed at this point for review or actioning, e.g. Prompt to archive the CCTV footage.

It’s important to note that all our products and services are fully supported by our award-winning fanatical support team. All you can eat support and training as required. We aim to ensure that you can leverage the all the benefits and features of our software. There are, and never will be, any additional hidden costs for support, we don’t work like that.