Man Guarding Companies

With greater pressures on what the guard does, a simple cost-effective solution to ensure tasks are completed and problems reported is, now more than ever essential. Gone are the days where guards could just patrol, with increased costs for guards and subsequent costs to the client, more is expected from a guard’s time on site. Our solution ensures you can meet the agreed functions and offer a live reporting of incidents or events as they happen. The guard will be prompted to ensure no detail is missed and that your value is demonstrated.

Combined Patrol and Incident Reporting

A combined Patrol and incident reporting tool can give the competitive edge and enhance your service offering. With the ability to ensure patrols are completed and reported quickly, you can ensure that your agreed patrols are completed, and you are able to prove it with both GPS and token options. Also, you would be able to provide your clients with instant reports of checks and incidents as they occur. You could report on Fire extinguisher checks, first aid kit checks, legionella tap runs, the list goes on. You can also report incidents as they happen such as leaks, fire alarms etc which would be automatically escalated to a control room or area supervisor.