Ensure Compliance in Real-Time

A Mobile Patrol system or App can provide a clear and often necessary picture of staff members movements around a site.  This can be as an ad-hoc patrol or a predetermined route and can be prompted on the app to ensure no assignment is missed or overlooked.

Compatible with QR Code tags
Compatible with NFC tags
Compatible with ibeacon tags
On Patrol / On Break Signalling
GPS historical trail
Routes listed for Staff
Unique Handsfree operation
Create Patrol Schedules
Staff Login details Efficiency
Incident recording
Extensive reporting options


Our app can use existing QR (Quick Response) or NFC (Near-Field Communication) Tags to make upgrades from other systems as smooth as possible. Additional or new tags can be added with ease for any new sites or extra locations.


Our unique handsfree technology allows staff to patrol a site without the need to scan any checkpoints. You can specify in the web interface a distance from the location you need the staff member to be before a positive scan is registered.

On Patrol

The user has the ability to send an “On Patrol” signal though to the control room to allow for any safety or custodial procedures to be initiated and/or monitoring, it can also be used to notify area supervisors Via SMS or Email if required.


The system can list the upcoming Patrols and also list the checkpoints required for each patrol. This feature can ensure no locations are missed and patrols are completed. Any failed or incomplete patrols are reported as alarms live.


One of the powerful aspects of Bluesky Trail is the Reports. We can create incident heatmaps and User activity reports live and schedule emailed reports to users or stakeholders. These can also be exported to PDF or Excel if required.


All of our products come with unlimited one to one training with one of our award winning team. This means that you will always get the most from your investment and we can ensure “we forgot how to” is never an excuse.


Please scan the QR code with your device to download and install the application.

Alternatively click here to download the application.